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Our Services

Lumberjack Tree Care offers a variety of services regarding tree solutions and tree health.  For more information about any of these services please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Tree Removal

Whether you need a tree removed from your property due to safety concerns, storm damage, or to clear the area, call Lumberjack Tree Care! We take the necessary precautions to ensure you, your property, and our team, are safe during the entire tree removal process. Our arborists can recognize the subtle aspects of trees and sites that will determine how simple or complex the removal will be. Lumberjacks's arborists are trained and equipped to ensure a safe and proper tree removal while minimizing damage to surrounding property, trees, and landscapes.

Stump Grinding & Brush Chipping

When trees are cut down, their stumps can disrupt the appearance of a landscape and invite pests, among other problems. Stump grinding from Lumberjack Tree Care is an effective way to remove stumps from residential and commercial properties. Using industrial stump grinders, our arborists grind down stumps below the soil line, effectively removing all traces of the stump. The result is a beautified landscape for a home or business. Our services are also more cost-effective than renting a stump grinder. Additionally, our arborists perform tree removal services which can be paired with stump grinding in the same job. Stump grinding is sustainable because the resulting wood chips can be made into mulch for other plants and trees. 
Additionally, we offer brush chipping for debris left over from tree trimming, removal, and/or accumulation from self-trimming. In this process, the debris is turned into wood chips, which can then either be removed from the property or subsequently used in landscaping.

Tree Trimming & Crown Reduction

Structural integrity is what keeps trees standing tall. Trimming and pruning can help bolster the strength of a tree by keeping it healthy and growing tall. Weak branches are among the threats to a tree’s structural integrity. But once they’re removed, the stronger branches take over the load. A tree’s center of gravity can also be affected by lopsided branches, especially in the crown. One dramatic implication of this situation could be a total tree failure. But trimming away excess branches straightens the tree and makes it structurally sound. The goal of tree trimming is to promote healthy growth of your branches and leaves. 

Crown reduction is a pruning technique that removes weight from the end of branches back to a healthy, growing lateral branch, which will form a new crown. Crown reduction removes bulk without altering the tree's shape.

Emergency Services & Storm Damage

Lumberjack Tree Care's 24-hour emergency response services provide removal of storm-damaged trees and limbs, debris removal from the damaged area, and removal of additional hazardous limbs. We also provide further tree trimming services to help keep your property safe from the next storm. Contact us today for a free tree removal estimate, or call us anytime for emergency assistance. 

We prepare for emergencies ahead of time so that we can be ready when we’re needed. Don’t wait or try to remove dangerous trees yourself — contact us today.

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